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About Us

Love at the first sight is how we can describe when we found Feel Free Drybags and waterproof pouches 8 years ago in Thailand , we were very impressed because we found what is needed by tourists and the local  people in general who are engaged in tourism on the island of the gods that surrounded by vast seas of water. Community activities that are generally engaged in tourism are not far from the water and rainy season which is owned by a tropical country like us.

In that condition they also want their luggage to be protected from water which can damage electronic communication devices which are currently the main communication tools as well as to protect other small things that are also important to us  such as wallets, personal data documents such as passports or letters that is relating to their line of work, as well as money (wet money will be easily torn and cannot be used as a of trade unless it is exchanged with a bank)

Likewise, for foreign tourists who take more time to relax and indulge in areas that have lots of water such as beaches, swimming pools in hotels, etc. So in 2013 we established PT. Anti Air Indonesia which is engaged in trading or buying and selling of diving equipment.

Why “Anti Air Indonesia …”anti air in Bahasa Indonesia is meanings waterproof , because the products we have are special products that are waterproof, not easily penetrated by water.

The products we market are waterproof bags or many are called dry-bags, as well as waterproof mobile bags that can be carried for diving to depths of 10 to 20 meters for shooting in the sea etc.

The products we have are imported directly from Thailand which is our sole producer of Waterproof Bags with the trademark FEEL FREE and we are their sole distributor for the regions of Indonesia, as well as Dri-dock which is a manufacturer of Mobile Bags or a waterproof smartphone that we import from China but is not a low quality mass production product that we often encounter in most trade markets today.

For this reason, we are very confident in the quality of each of our waterproof products. Feel Free Dry Bags and Dri-dock Smartphone pouches are waterproof or waterproof products that have very good quality and can be accounted for.

We are very confident in our quality because for us customer satisfaction is paramount.

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